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The End (of Blogtober)

So with Halloween upon us, this brings both the month of October and the #blogtober challenge to a close with this being the last official hashtagged post.

It’s been interesting and challenging trying to get a post out everyday (probably the most I’ve ever written across a single blog entity before and the first time I’ve ever stayed on my laptop all day to write something that wasn’t for coursework or an assignment) and from the small readership of each one so far I’ve learned a lot.

I’d like to thank the family and friends for the support and feedback so far and to Jenny in Neverland for the encouraging blog post and comment to go for it!

I’d really like to keep everything going, though perhaps not at the same frequency! Despite being a fun month, the process of planning, generating ideas, drafting, reading, correcting, editing and re-reading the contents of a post as well as producing the cover images for some of them consumes quite a lot of time – a lot of which I’ve been lucky to have this month in a week of leave and snatches of it around my full time job. But having every evening spent at your computer after spending large amounts of the weekdays on one as well as most of your daytime on the weekends isn’t the healthiest of activities and can sometimes prevent me from doing other things in life (for instance, I’m writing part of this a day in advance whilst riding a train so I can spend more of my Sunday doing outside stuff and my Monday getting back to work).

So to balance everything out a little I’m going to try scheduling content so you know what’s coming out when and give you a chance to tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what you’d prefer to see more of.

So here’s the current thoughts:

Sundays – The Sunday Roast

Tuesdays & Thursdays – The Noodle & Bean

Wednesdays – WAVE Media

Friday (Fortnightly) – Friday Mike Project (With occasional liveblogs)

If there’s a 5th Friday that month, I’ll do something special for the weekend which will be announced on here & social media.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for content or scheduling and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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  1. Denyse 31st October 2016

    Happy Halloween Mike and thank you for some interesting reads 🙂

    • mike 31st October 2016 — Post author

      You’re most welcome and thanks for the reads and support :). Happy Halloween to you too!

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