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So we’re on day 3  (day 2 of you’re  behind) and the plan has been made to help commit to this challenge.

With this I’m launching a couple more blogs for the network

Are You Mad!?!

Probably. The thing is,  I can (apparently)  be pretty talkative one I get found and after many months of trying it different job,  volunteering,  student and other roles,  I come across various tools and techniques that are I’d love to share with the world with a little added translation/interpretation on the sales jargon & technical terms as well as a fair review form my point of view.

The issue with doing such a wide variety of topics on a single blog (web,  audio,  AV,  video and visual technologies, student life, hobby projects, web apps, musings, educational technologies and Blended Learning and more),  turns it into a mass sea of menus and a homepage with content that resembles wading through a broadsheet the thickness of a small novel whenever you choose to read it.

You Have A Point

So the hope is with starting these extra sites I can break up the content a bit more allowing to you read about and discuss things you might be intrested in.
So,  as part of Blogtober (and hopefully here to stay) the following sub-sites have been launched:

  • The Sunday Roast – My weekly blog looking back at the week across the world, the UK and personally and a journal of my current internal ramblings.
  •  Friday Mike Project – Another weekly one focusing on the many different weird and interesting ideas I occasionally have for home improvement and beyond.
  • The Noodle & Bean – After being a dormant idea for 4 years, I’m finally launching my take on a student survival guide. After bring a student warden for two years and living out 6 years of university life I hope I can impart some advice and knowledge I wish I had when I first started my course.  Granted my campus was much smaller than most it might not fit all students, but with any hope I can inspire some and those that feel they can also contribute are also welcome to join.

I hope these blogs can continue through the month and beyond and I’m always happy to hear your feedback your contributions.

Happy Monday all and I wish you a good week.

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