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Blogtober: Better Late than Never! 

So,  it’s October. An international blogging month.   A popular time for online content creators to share stuff on a very frequent basis –  daily to be exact. YouTube is very popular for this with many YouTubers taking on the “Vlogtober” challenge where a video must be uploaded every day in October. Blogtober (believe it or not) takes the same approach,  but with Blog posts as I discovered thanks to Twitter (and much thanks to Jenny In Neverland for the inspirational and explanatory post on why you should try it). Although the revival of my network has only just begun,  I thought this would be a great opportunity to take on the challenge and get writing and sharing with you all and perhaps maybe network with a few others to learn and share alike.

Considering I run more than one site,  I figured doing one post for each site,  every day,  on my own,  around a full time job and my life might be overkill  impossible,  so as a result,  I won’t post on each site every.  However I will post every day (two today including this one  to make up for yesterday as I only learned of it’s true existence in blog form today) across the network as a whole –  which is a single WordPress installation all currently written by a single user so technically it counts right?
I’ll post a link to my site schedule below if you’re interested in following along.

View/Download The Schedule

Good luck to all the other bloggers and vloggers out there whatever platform you might be on!



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