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Blogtober 2019

So, I took a bit of time off. I had a lot of projects on this year which became significantly more than initially planned, so my bad for the radio silence. But it’s October again, which can only mean one thing… #Blogtober has returned! This time, I’m doing things a little differently and with it, some changes are coming to the network. So today’s post is about that.

New Formats

Previously a lot of the content for WAVE Media and Noodle & Bean was text based and I would like to expand this more into different things depending on context and interest – videos, podcasts, downloads and interactive content for you to enjoy.

New Name

With the newer posts coming in different forms and crossing several bridges, I’ve reflected on how the sites are set up and how things fit together for now and for the future. So from the 1st November, the blogs will fall under the WAVE Media network with the main site and Noodle & Bean expanding wider and deeper with content. I’ve got a lot of big ideas to share with you all in different shapes and sizes In the meantime, I’ll give the Rose Tinted Archer site back to it’s original purpose as a personal portfolio page to display what isn’t relevant elsewhere.


This Blogtober the posts will appear in the following order from tomorrow

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday – WAVE Media Posts
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – Noodle & Bean Posts
  • Sunday – Project Highlights on this blog.

In time, if time allows I may bring things back or take on new suggestions from people, but for now I hope you enjoy the new format and it will help to deliver more consistent posts to all interested in reading.

Take care,


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