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Nottingham Light Night 2017

It’s been about 9 years since I got a proper chance to visit a rather special event in Nottingham. Once a year various organisations get together to join in a council arranged event to light up the city at night in different colours and patterns, encouraging the locals and visitors to experience something different on a Friday night away from the pubs and clubs.

When I first visited it was the first time they were doing it and now I’ve got the opportunity to again on it’s 10th Anniversary alongside a lifelong friend, the great Richard Dooley (known as ‘therichdude’ in various IT and social circles).

I’ll be posting updates throughout the night in this live blog with the full post being available in full later on tonight.

If you have any bright ideas to share, feel free to start the discussion in the comments below and I’ll try and reply in the blog in good time.

Mike 🙂

mike 10th February 20177:14 pm

Hello all and welcome to the live blog of this year’s Nottingham Light Night.

For those following through the evening, main updates themselves will begin around 7:50-8pm and will probably go from a couple of hours.
After that I’ll archive it for those that are interested at a later date.
mike 10th February 20177:15 pm

If you are following and want to communicate, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to reply directly or address it in an update during the night.

See you all in about 35 minutes!
mike 10th February 20177:54 pm

Our first stop is Nottingham Castle, where so far I’ve seen a wicker Robin Hood, the ‘castle’ lit up in coloured spot and something Richard could only describe as “Night Tennis”

mike 10th February 20178:19 pm

We’ve moved into the Market Square where the wheel of almost circularity is happily displaying custom light patterns.

mike 10th February 20178:20 pm

There’s also a large group of drummers playing out a rhythmic atmosphere

mike 10th February 20178:20 pm

And it looks like Tesla has shown up to let you sit in on some of it’s finest line of vehicles alongside Brian Clough

mike 10th February 20178:58 pm

We have moved to the contemporary for a culture break. The signal is patchy in here hence the gap in update.

mike 10th February 20178:58 pm

Pictures are also coming soon! I haven’t forgotten

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