Modern music sells. But is it all as original as we think? Thanks to techniques such as sampling and remixing as well as quotes embedded within lyrics and deals between labels and friends in the industry, many pop culture references and previous songs often last beyond their original recordings. InRead More →

Arrowhead, by John Maguire

Tonight, I take a throwback at another project from University, this time one that was featured in a larger exhibition in the local community. As part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad (a series of cultural events that during the time the Olympic Village was opened to the closing ofRead More →

So, it’s been a year in having my OnePlus 5 JCC Edition phone that I reviewed here and I thought I’d revisit this to explain it’s performance after some extensive use. Recently, the criteria of having dual SIM support and supporting US frequencies also became a factor. This proved immenselyRead More →

Music can speak to us in amazing ways, sometimes highlighting stories of themselves and often creating or orchestrating stories of our own lives. But some artists take it a step further and plan an underlying storyline amongst their songs and their music videos. These aren’t always apparent until a coupleRead More →

Sometimes you have a burning question. Sometimes that question can’t be acknowledged by a raised hand alone. Sometimes that question needs to be posted, but might not be appropriate for Twitter. Enter Slido, an online polling and sharing tool that allows users to remotely connect to your hosted session viaRead More →

Worth It? Logo. Own Work.

So, it’s been a while since I published a Worth It? post and I feel it’s time to bring it back for a new series of products. Following how the last one panned out, I’m looking to make it a bit more approachable and clear. So the next two I’mRead More →

Okay, so this is a pretty meta post and it’s no secret this blog and it’s sister sites run on WordPress (This isn’t sponsored by the way). Originating as a fork of b2/cafelog and a distant cousin to b2evolution, WordPress has grown to become one of if not possibly theRead More →

You’ve gotta admit, the 90s was a pretty interesting and exciting decade. A time of transition and comparison of formats. Then as the millennium kicked in things began to change rapidly as technology rolled into a new era and took over a lives a little more. But as everything getsRead More →

Radio Clock. Own Work

This week I take a throwback look at 2 more university projects that I feel a bit more proud of, even if the end product doesn’t seem like an awful amount on the surface. As part of my radio production module in my BA degree, I had to produce twoRead More →